Colors Related to this Name: Purple, Lilac, Mavve

Qualities Related to this Name: Creative, Light-Hearted

Popularity: This is an semi-popular name in the US. Ranking #1847 in 2013 and #1957 in 2014.

Famous People

Judd Apatow (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Judd Nelson (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Judd Hirsch (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Judd Omen (Movie Actor), Judd Holdren (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Judd Trichter (Movie Actor,TV Actor)


In English

Origin: From a Middle English short form of the given name Jordan.


-( male name -comes from the Hebrew language-), today often transferred back from the last name.

-(last name -comes from the language-)

In Luxembourgish