Animals that Start with N

Starting with NA
  1. naemorhedus
  2. nag
  3. naja
  4. nandu
  5. nanny
  6. nanomia
  7. napu
  8. narwal
  9. narwhal
  10. narwhale
  11. nasalis
  12. nasua
  13. natantia
  14. naticidae
  15. natrix
  16. natterjack
  17. naucrates
  18. nautilidae
  19. nautilus

Starting with NE
  1. neb
  2. necturus
  3. needlefish
  4. negaprion
  5. nekton
  6. nematocera
  7. nematoda
  8. nematode
  9. nemertea
  10. nemertean
  11. nemertina
  12. nemertine
  13. neoceratodus
  14. neofiber
  15. neomys
  16. neophron
  17. neotoma
  18. nepa
  19. nephrops
  20. nephropsidae
  21. nepidae
  22. nerita
  23. neritid
  24. neritidae
  25. neritina
  26. nerodia
  27. nervure
  28. nesokia
  29. nester
  30. nestling
  31. nestor
  32. neuroptera
  33. neuropteran
  34. neuropteron
  35. neurotrichus
  36. newfoundland
  37. newt

Starting with NI
  1. nib
  2. nightcrawler
  3. nighthawk
  4. nightingale
  5. nightjar
  6. nightwalker
  7. nilgai
  8. nimravus
  9. nit
  10. nitella
  11. nitrobacter
  12. nitrobacteria
  13. nitrobacteriaceae
  14. nitrobacterium
  15. nitrosobacteria
  16. nitrosomonas

Starting with NO
  1. noctiluca
  2. noctua
  3. noctuid
  4. noctuidae
  5. nomia
  6. nonstarter
  7. nostoc
  8. nostocaceae
  9. notechis
  10. notemigonus
  11. nothosaur
  12. nothosauria
  13. notochord
  14. notomys
  15. notonecta
  16. notonectidae
  17. notophthalmus
  18. notornis
  19. notoryctidae
  20. notoryctus
  21. notostraca
  22. notropis

Starting with NU
  1. nucifraga
  2. nuda
  3. nudibranch
  4. nudibranchia
  5. numbat
  6. numbfish
  7. numenius
  8. numida
  9. numididae
  10. numidinae
  11. nummulite
  12. nummulitidae
  13. nutcracker
  14. nuthatch
  15. nutria

Starting with NY
  1. nyala
  2. nyctanassa
  3. nyctereutes
  4. nycticebus
  5. nycticorax
  6. nyctimene
  7. nylghai
  8. nylghau
  9. nymph
  10. nymphalid
  11. nymphalidae
  12. nymphalis
  13. nymphicus

Animals that Start with N

Thousands of animal species live in the planet.  Some of the animals are very common, some other are not so famous. The following are examples of animals that start with the letter “N.” It is a great opportunity to learn about new animal species.


Mammals that start with N


Narwhal: small Arctic whale the male having a long spiral ivory tusk.

– When I was a little kid, I used to think that narwhals were marine unicorns.


Neofiber: round-tailed muskrat.

Neofibers look like hamsters with a very long tail.


Neomys: a genus of Soricidae.

– The Neomys is one of the few venomous mammals on Earth. They feed on fish mostly.


Nilgai: large Indian antelope; male is blue-grey with white markings; female is brownish with no horns.

– The nilgai’s meat has a delicious flavor, similar to beef.


Notomys: jerboa rats.

– The Notomys likes to venture into grasslands and eucalypt woodlands.


Numbat: small Australian marsupial having long snout and strong claws for feeding on termites; nearly extinct.

– As many other marsupials, the numbat is found in Australia.


Reptiles that start with N


Naja: cobras.

– Just like in a cartoon the naja was coming out from a basket.


Nerodia: North American water snakes.

– The Nerodia crawls through the grass and rocks.


Notechis: tiger snakes.

– The notechis also known as Tiger Snake. It’s body has black and yellow stripes.


Birds that start with N


Nandu: smaller of two tall fast-running flightless birds similar to ostriches but three-toed; found from Peru to Strait of Magellan.

– Baby nandus are so small in comparison with the adults. They are such tall birds when adults!


Neophron: a genus of Accipitridae.

– The Egyptian vulture or neophron has declined in India by 90% in the last decade.


Nighthawk: mainly nocturnal North American goatsucker.

Nighthawks eat while flying. They catch insects like mosquitoes, beetles, and grasshoppers.


Notornis: Flightless New Zealand birds similar to gallinules.

– The notornis are flightless birds that have beautiful plumage and a bright red beak.


Numida: guinea fowl.

– I like the dotted feathers of the Numida. They are unique.


Insects and critters that start with N


Nematocera: mosquitoes; fungus gnats; crane flies; gnats; sand flies.

– The Nematocera has longer legs and antennae than other flies.


Nepidae: water scorpions.

Nepidae are aquatic insects also known as “water scorpions.”


Noctua: type genus of the Noctuidae: Moths whose larvae are cutworms.

– Every night noctuas fly in the garden.


Nomia: a genus of bee; some are important pollinators of legumes.

Nomia bees don’t produce honey, but they are great pollinators.



Nymphalidae: large beautifully colored butterflies.

– A beautiful black and orange Nymphalidae flies near the window.