Nouns Starting with M

Starting with MA
  1. maar
  2. maarianhamina
  3. mac
  4. macaca
  5. macadam
  6. macadamia
  7. macadamia integrifolia
  8. macadamia nut
  9. macadamia nut tree
  10. macadamia ternifolia
  11. macadamia tetraphylla
  12. macadamia tree
  13. macamba
  14. macao
  15. macaque
  16. macaroni
  17. macaroni wheat
  18. macaroon
  19. macarthur

Starting with MC
  1. mcalester
  2. mcallen
  3. mccarthy
  4. mccarthyism
  5. mccartney
  6. mccauley
  7. mccormick
  8. mccullers
  9. mcgraw
  10. mcguffey
  11. mcguffin
  12. mcia
  13. mcintosh
  14. mckim
  15. mckinley
  16. mcluhan
  17. mcmaster
  18. mcpherson

Starting with ME
  1. me
  2. meade
  3. meadow
  4. meadow beauty
  5. meadow bright
  6. meadow buttercup
  7. meadow clary
  8. meadow cranesbill
  9. meadow cress
  10. meadow fern
  11. meadow fescue
  12. meadow foxtail
  13. meadow goldenrod
  14. meadow grass
  15. meadow leek
  16. meadow lily
  17. meadow mushroom
  18. meadow pea

Starting with MF
  1. mfa
  2. mflop

Starting with MH
  1. mho

Starting with MI
  1. mi
  2. miami
  3. miami beach
  4. miao
  5. miaou
  6. miaow
  7. miasm
  8. miasma
  9. miaul
  10. mib
  11. mibit
  12. mic
  13. mica
  14. micah
  15. micawber
  16. micelle
  17. mich.
  18. michael
  19. michael ellis de bakey
  20. michael faraday
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Starting with ML
  1. mlitt

Starting with MM
  1. mmpi

Starting with MN
  1. mnemonic
  2. mnemonics
  3. mnemonist
  4. mnemosyne
  5. mniaceae
  6. mnium

Starting with MO
  1. mo
  2. mo.
  3. moa
  4. moan
  5. moaner
  6. moat
  7. mob
  8. mobcap
  9. mobile
  10. mobilisation
  11. mobility
  12. mobilization
  13. mobius
  14. mobocracy
  15. mobster
  16. mobula
  17. mobulidae
  18. mocambique
  19. mocassin
  20. moccasin
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Starting with MP
  1. mpeg

Starting with MR
  1. mr. moto
  2. mrem
  3. mri
  4. mrna
  5. mrs. gandhi
  6. mrs. henry wood
  7. mrs. humphrey ward
  8. mrs. simpson

Starting with MS
  1. msasa
  2. msec

Starting with MT
  1. mt etna
  2. mt orizaba
  3. mt. st. helens
  4. mt. vesuvius

Starting with MU
  1. mu
  2. muadhdhin
  3. muazzin
  4. mubarak
  5. much
  6. muchness
  7. mucilage
  8. mucin
  9. muck
  10. muckheap
  11. muckhill
  12. muckle
  13. muckraker
  14. mucoid
  15. mucopolysaccharide
  16. mucopolysaccharidosis
  17. mucor
  18. mucoraceae
  19. mucorales
  20. mucosa
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Starting with MW
  1. mwanza
  2. mwera

Starting with MY
  1. mya
  2. myaceae
  3. myacidae
  4. myadestes
  5. myalgia
  6. myanmar
  7. myasthenia
  8. mycelia sterilia
  9. mycelium
  10. mycenae
  11. mycenaen
  12. mycetophilidae
  13. mycobacteria
  14. mycobacteriaceae
  15. mycobacterium
  16. mycologist
  17. mycology
  18. mycomycin
  19. mycophage
  20. mycophagist
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Nouns that Start with M

It is very important to learn that many common nouns may have a scientific name that is not just that common. This time we will learn nouns that start with the letter M, and you will be surprised about some of their real names.



Nouns that start with M that denoting emotions and feelings

Madness: Feeling of intense anger.

  • Her madness was real not feigned, her gentle self having collapsed under the endless stress.

Maleficence: Doing or causing evil.

  • She enjoys lecturing her young children about the maleficence influence that the TV shows portray.

Malice: Feeling a need to see others suffer.

  • They were condemned for malice, greed and pride, for gloating over the misfortunes of others.

Maliciousness:  Feeling a need to see others suffer.

  • People can forgive what was done out of ignorance, but not what was done out of

Malignity: Wishing evil to others.

  • Their failing to trap him only added to the malignity of his enemies.


Meekness: The feeling of Patient, submissive humbleness.

  • My grandfather was well known for his meekness and humility on all occasions.



Interesting nouns that start with M

Nouns that start with M referring to events


Makeup: An event that is substituted for a previously canceled event.

  • Since our trip to the lake was canceled we’re going to have to makeup for it by going to the community pool.


Malformation: Something abnormal or anomalous.

  • The old man really had a slight malformation of the ear, which more or less was hereditary.

Malfunction:  Failure to function normally.

  • From now and again the old machine will begin to malfunction and we will have to call someone to fix it.

Manifestation: An appearance in bodily form (as of a disembodied spirit), a clear appearance.

  • Here in human flesh was the very real manifestation of a deity.


Martyrdom: any experience that causes intense suffering. Death is imposed because of the person’s adherence of religious faith or cause.

  • I have had to suffer my long martyrdom, without complaining and without sighing.


Marvel: Something that causes feelings of wonder.

  • Kyla couldn’t help but marvel at the stars above, as she loved to stargaze.


Nouns that start with M referring to famous people


Matinee Idol: Someone who is adored blindly and excessively.

  • Maria is the main character in this year’s show; she will be the matinee idol by the end of the night.


Matisse: A French painter and sculptor; leading figure of fauvism.

  • Matisse was, with Picasso, one of the two presiding geniuses of the 20th century of art.


Matriarch: A female head of a family or tribe. – A feisty older woman with a big bosom (As drawn in cartoons.)

  • Lena’s a convincing matriarch who towers over her meek and still daughters.

Matriculate: Someone who has been admitted to a college or university.

  • Anyway I have to go though to Yale to matriculate this week.


Matthew Arnold: English poet and literary critic (1822-1888)

  • Matthew Arnold was an English poet who worked as an inspector of schools.


Mauler: A fighter who batters the opponent.

  • The man on the right was a known mauler; he would demolish his opponent without a second thought.