Animals that Start with O

Starting with OA
  1. oarfish

Starting with OC
  1. oceanites
  2. ocelot
  3. ochotona
  4. ochotonidae
  5. octopod
  6. octopoda
  7. octopodidae
  8. octopus
  9. ocyurus

Starting with OD
  1. odobenidae
  2. odobenus
  3. odocoileus
  4. odonata
  5. odonate
  6. odontaspididae
  7. odontaspis
  8. odontoceti
  9. odontophorus

Starting with OE
  1. oecanthus
  2. oedogoniaceae
  3. oedogoniales
  4. oedogonium
  5. oenanthe
  6. oestridae
  7. oestrus

Starting with OF
  1. offspring

Starting with OG
  1. ogcocephalidae

Starting with OI
  1. oilbird
  2. oilfish

Starting with OK
  1. okapi
  2. okapia

Starting with OL
  1. oldwench
  2. oldwife
  3. oligochaeta
  4. oligochaete
  5. oligoplites
  6. olm

Starting with OM
  1. omaha
  2. omasum
  3. ommastrephes
  4. omnivore
  5. omomyid

Starting with ON
  1. onager
  2. oncorhynchus
  3. ondatra
  4. oniscidae
  5. oniscus
  6. onychogalea
  7. onychomys
  8. onychophora
  9. onychophoran

Starting with OP
  1. opah
  2. openbill
  3. operculum
  4. opheodrys
  5. ophidia
  6. ophidian
  7. ophidiidae
  8. ophiodon
  9. ophiodontidae
  10. ophiophagus
  11. ophisaurus
  12. ophiurida
  13. ophiuroidea
  14. opiliones
  15. opisthobranchia
  16. opisthocomidae
  17. opisthocomus
  18. opisthognathidae
  19. opossum

Starting with OR
  1. orang
  2. orangutan
  3. orangutang
  4. orca
  5. orchestia
  6. orchestiidae
  7. orcinus
  8. oreamnos
  9. orectolobidae
  10. orectolobus
  11. oreortyx
  12. oriole
  13. oriolidae
  14. oriolus
  15. ormer
  16. ornithischia
  17. ornithischian
  18. ornithomimid
  19. ornithomimida
  20. ornithopod
  21. ornithopoda
  22. ornithorhynchidae
  23. ornithorhynchus
  24. orphan
  25. orpington
  26. ortalis
  27. orthomyxovirus
  28. orthopristis
  29. orthoptera
  30. orthopteran
  31. orthopteron
  32. orthotomus
  33. ortolan
  34. ortygan
  35. orycteropodidae
  36. orycteropus
  37. oryctolagus
  38. oryx
  39. oryzomys

Starting with OS
  1. oscillatoriaceae
  2. oscine
  3. oscines
  4. osmeridae
  5. osmerus
  6. osprey
  7. ostariophysi
  8. osteichthyes
  9. osteoglossidae
  10. osteoglossiformes
  11. osteostracan
  12. osteostraci
  13. ostraciidae
  14. ostracod
  15. ostracoda
  16. ostracoderm
  17. ostracodermi
  18. ostrea
  19. ostreidae
  20. ostrich

Starting with OT
  1. otaria
  2. otariidae
  3. otides
  4. otididae
  5. otis
  6. otter
  7. otterhound
  8. otus

Starting with OU
  1. ounce
  2. ouranopithecus
  3. ousel
  4. ouzel

Starting with OV
  1. ovalipes
  2. ovenbird
  3. ovibos
  4. ovipositor
  5. oviraptorid
  6. ovis

Starting with OW
  1. owl
  2. owlet

Starting with OX
  1. ox
  2. oxtail
  3. oxybelis
  4. oxylebius
  5. oxyura
  6. oxyuranus
  7. oxyuridae

Starting with OY
  1. oyster
  2. oystercatcher
  3. oysterfish

Animals that Start with O

Everybody has seen programs that show animals in their natural environment. But what would you say if you can discover that there are many animals species on the planet whose names start with the letter O?


Mammals that start with O


Ocelot: nocturnal wildcat of Central America and South America having a dark-spotted buff-brown coat

– A young ocelot was discover near the Laguna Atascosa Refuge. There are only forty-seven ocelots in the United States.


Odobenidae: walruses and extinct forms.

– The bodies of forty odobenidae or walruses were found on a beach.


Okapi: similar to the giraffe but smaller with much shorter neck and stripe on the legs.

– An okapi calf was born at the San Diego Zoo. People will be able to see it in one month.



Ondatra: muskrats.

– The picture shows an ondatra trying to catch a fish.


Onychomys: grasshopper mice.

– The onychomys also known as grasshopper mouse is carnivorous and howls like a Wolf!


Opossum: nocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America. Small furry Australian arboreal marsupials having long usually prehensile tails.

– A female opossum can have up to twenty babies.


Reptiles that start with O


Opheodrys: North American green snakes.

– The opheodrys or green snake is a not venomous snake. I don’t care, if I see one I’ll run!


Ophidia: snakes.

– Mr. Stevenson has been handling ophidias for forty years. He says it is not that difficult but you need to be trained.


Ophisaurus: glass lizards.

– The ophisaurus looks like a snake but it is a lizard. It is called glass lizard and it’s inoffensive.


Birds that start with O


Odontophorus: genus of Central and South American crested partridges resembling quails; sometimes placed in a distinct subfamily or isolated in a distinct family.

– The children were walking by the farm and discovered a couple of odontophorus.


Oilbird: nocturnal fruit-eating bird of South America that has fatty young yielding an oil that is used instead of butter.

– Each year the Dunston Cave receives many visitors to watch the oilbird. Authorities are trying to rule this.


Oreortyx: mountain quail of western United States.

– The oreortyx are monogamus birds that live in the mountains. Once it choose a partner, they will stay together for their entire life.


Oriole:American songbird; male is black and orange or yellow. Mostly tropical songbird; the male is usually bright orange and black.

– Male orioles sing to defend their territory.


Owlet: young owl.

– It’s great news that researches have found owlets in Mumbai. The species is endangered.


Insects and critters that start with O


Odonata: dragonflies and damselflies.

– The  larva of the odonata lives in fresh water. When adults odonata fly over water.


Oecanthus: tree crickets.

– September is the time that oecanthus choose to chirp rhytmically while mating.


Oligochaeta: earthworms.

– The oligochaeta are creepy creatures that live underground.


Orchestiidae: beach fleas.

– The orchestiidae lives in sandy beaches and looks like small shrimp.


Orthoptera: grasshoppers and locusts; crickets.

– A member of the orthoptera family has been discovered after one-hundred years.