Animals that Start with Q

Starting with QU
  1. quadruped
  2. quagga
  3. quahog
  4. quail
  5. quarry
  6. queen
  7. queenfish
  8. quetzal
  9. quiaquia
  10. quill
  11. quiscalus

Animals that Start with Q

There are a bunch of animals in the world. Some animals are very common, that we see every day and others we see rarely or never. In the following section will be a few examples of animals that start with Q such as mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and critters.


Mammals that start with Q

Quadruped: An animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking.

  • The zebra is an example of a quadruped


Quagga:  Mammal of South Africa that resembled a zebra; extinct since late 19th century.

  • The quagga looks like a zebra with brown stripes that makes his lower half look like a donkey.


Queen: An especially large mole rat and the only member of a colony of naked mole rats to bear offspring which are sired by only a few males.

  • The queen mole rat had a total of 100 offspring.


Birds that start with Q


Quail: Small gallinaceous game birds.

  • In 2007, 40 million quail were produced in the U.S.

Quill: A stiff hollow protective spine on a porcupine or hedgehog. The hollow spine of a feather; any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.

  • In a carefully prepared quill the slit does not widen through wetting and drying with ink.


Quetzal: Large trogon of Central America and South America having golden-green and scarlet plumage.

  • Because the quetzal has such bright green feathers, it’s rather difficult for predators to find it.