Nouns Starting with F

Starting with FA
  1. fa
  2. fabaceae
  3. faberge
  4. fabian
  5. fabiana
  6. fabiana imbricata
  7. fabianism
  8. fable
  9. fabric
  10. fabrication
  11. fabricator
  12. fabulist
  13. facade
  14. face
  15. facelift
  16. faceplate
  17. facer
  18. facet
  19. facetiousness
  20. facia
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Starting with FE
  1. fe
  2. feabane mullet
  3. fealty
  4. fear
  5. fearfulness
  6. fearlessness
  7. feasibility
  8. feasibleness
  9. feast
  10. feat
  11. feather
  12. feather ball
  13. feather geranium
  14. feather palm
  15. feather reed grass
  16. featherbed
  17. featheredge
  18. featherfoil
  19. featheriness
  20. feathertop
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Starting with FI
  1. fiance
  2. fiancee
  3. fiasco
  4. fiat
  5. fib
  6. fibber
  7. fiber
  8. fiberboard
  9. fiberglass
  10. fiberoptics
  11. fiberscope
  12. fibre
  13. fibreboard
  14. fibreglass
  15. fibreoptics
  16. fibril
  17. fibrillation
  18. fibrin
  19. fibrinase
  20. fibrinogen
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Starting with FJ
  1. fjord

Starting with FL
  1. fla.
  2. flab
  3. flabbiness
  4. flaccidity
  5. flack
  6. flack catcher
  7. flacourtia
  8. flacourtia family
  9. flacourtia indica
  10. flacourtiaceae
  11. flag
  12. flag captain
  13. flag officer
  14. flag smut fungus
  15. flagellata
  16. flagellation
  17. flagellum
  18. flageolet
  19. flagfish

Starting with FM
  1. fmri

Starting with FN
  1. fnma

Starting with FO
  1. fo
  2. foal
  3. foam
  4. foamflower
  5. foaminess
  6. fob
  7. focalisation
  8. focalization
  9. focus
  10. fodder
  11. foe
  12. foehn
  13. foeman
  14. foeniculum
  15. foeniculum dulce
  16. foeniculum vulgare
  17. foetid bugbane
  18. foetid pothos
  19. foetology
  20. foetometry
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Starting with FR
  1. fra filippo lippi
  2. fracas
  3. fractal
  4. fraction
  5. fractionation
  6. fractiousness
  7. fracture
  8. fragaria
  9. fragaria ananassa
  10. fragaria chiloensis
  11. fragaria vesca
  12. fragaria virginiana
  13. fragile fern
  14. fragility
  15. fragment
  16. fragmentation
  17. fragonard
  18. fragrance
  19. fragrancy
  20. fragrant agrimony
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Starting with FT
  1. fto

Starting with FU
  1. fucaceae
  2. fucales
  3. fuchs
  4. fuchsia
  5. fuchsia coccinea
  6. fuchsia excorticata
  7. fucoid
  8. fucus
  9. fuddle
  10. fudge
  11. fuego
  12. fuel
  13. fuentes
  14. fug
  15. fugaciousness
  16. fugacity
  17. fugard
  18. fugitive
  19. fugitive from justice
  20. fugleman
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Starting with FY
  1. fyodor dostoevski
  2. fyodor dostoevsky
  3. fyodor dostoyevsky

Nouns that Start with F

There are different kinds of nouns; common nouns and proper nouns. Nouns that start with F for: animals, objects, foods, people and places. It is important to learn and practice new nouns every day. In this article, we will learn nouns that start with F.


Nouns that start with F denoting emotions and feelings

Fervency: feelings of great warmth and intensity.

-The religious fervency in the Vatican is evident.


Fidget: a feeling of agitation expressed in continual motion.

– The football player tends to fidget a lot while he waits for his turn on the field.


Forlornness: sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned.

-She was able to handle her forlornness in spite of her husband’s departure.


Fussiness: an irritable petulant feeling.

-Thankfully the baby demonstrated his fussiness at the end of the show.


Frisson: an almost pleasurable sensation of fright.

-A feeling of frisson and anticipation overcame the kids before riding the roller coaster.


Interesting Nouns that start with F

Factotum: a servant employed to do a variety of jobs.

-The pop singer hired a factotum as his personal assistant.


Faerie: the enchanted realm of fairies.

– The little girl loved to listen the same faerie tale every night before bed.
Fairground: an open area for holding fairs or exhibitions or circuses.

– The fairground attractions were a big hit this year; the carousel was the kids’ favorite.


Fakeer: a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man.

– The fakeer committed himself to his religion for over 65 years.


Fanion: a small flag used by surveyors or soldiers to mark a position.

– The blue fanions were seen from the air and helped the soldiers to find the survivors.



Nouns that start with F referring to events

Fact: an event known to have happened or something known to have existed.

-It is a well-known fact that his wife supported womens’ rights.


Failure: an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose.

– She consider her fundraiser a failure that didn’t raise enough money for the kids.


Fate: an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future.

– The fate of the baby panada’s life is uncertain, he’s in a bad condition.


Fete: an elaborate party (often outdoors).

– The board members prepared a fete on the yacht to welcome the new director.


Nouns that start with F referring to famous people

Faberge: Russian goldsmith noted for creating a series of jeweled and enameled Easter eggs for European royalty (1846-1920).

– Peter Faberge never imagined his jeweled Easter eggs would become so famous and valuable.


Falla: Spanish composer and pianist (1876-1946).

– Spanish composer Manuel Falla was famous for works like “La Vida es Breve”.


Fallopio: Italian anatomist who first described the Fallopian tubes (1523-1562).

– Gabriel Fallopio also contributed to the study of the ear.


Faraday: the English physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetic induction (1791-1867).

– As a young boy, Faraday spent lots of time reading science books.

Nouns starting with F