Colors Related to this Name: Red

Qualities Related to this Name: Compassionate, Idealistic

Popularity: This is a popular name in the US. Ranking #2494 in 2013 and #2469 in 2014.

Famous People

Marguerite Moreau (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Marguerite MacIntyre (TV Actress), Marguerite Chapman (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Marguerite Henry (Writer), Marguerite Churchill (Movie Actress), Marguerite Young (Writer), Marguerite de Angeli (Writer), Marguerite Clark (Movie Actress)


In English

Origin: French equivalent of Margaret, ultimately from Greek "pearl". The name has also been adopted for a cultivated daisy.


-( female name -comes from the French language-) borrowed from France in the 1860s.

In French


-( female name), related to Margaret.

In Norman


-( female name -nor), equivalent to English Margaret.