Colors Related to this Name: Yellow, Orange and Gold

Qualities Related to this Name: Born Leader, Determined

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #456 in 2013 and #504 in 2014.

Famous People

Mitchell Ryan (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Mitchell Whitfield (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Mitchell Anderson (Movie Actor), Mitchell Smith (Writer), Mitchell Lichtenstein (Movie Actor), Mitchell Lewis (Movie Actor), Mitchell Torok (Singer), Mitchell A. Wilson (Writer)


In English

Origin: From a Middle English vernacular form of the Old French given name Michel ‎(“Michael”), or in some cases from an Old English nickname muchel ‎(“big”).


-A city in Indiana

-A city in Iowa

-A city in Nebraska

-A city in Oregon

-A city in South Dakota

-A community in Ontario, Canada

-A town in Georgia, USA

-A town in Queensland, Australia

-A town in Wisconsin

-An unincorporated CDP in Illinois

-An unincorporated community in Kansas

-An unincorporated community in West Virginia

-Any of a number of places in the English spesimilarg world, named after persons with the last name:

-( male name -comes from the last names language-), transferred back from the last name.

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