Colors Related to this Name: Yellow, Orange and Gold

Qualities Related to this Name: Born Leader, Determined

Popularity: This is a popular name in the US. Ranking #1082 in 2013 and #1182 in 2014.

Famous People

Nick Jonas (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Nick Cannon (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Nick Offerman (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Nick Carter (Movie Actor,Singer,TV Actor), Nick Nolte (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Nick Robinson (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Nick Lachey (Movie Actor,Singer), Nick Kroll (Movie Actor,TV Actor)


In English


-A diminutive of the male first name Nicholas.

-Diminutive form of Nickelodeon.

In German


-( male name), diminutive of Nikolaus and related names.

In Danish


-( male name), diminutive of Niklas, Nicolai and related names.