Colors Related to this Name: White, Gray

Qualities Related to this Name: Extroverted, Adventurous

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #428 in 2013 and #425 in 2014.

Famous People

Scott Eastwood (Movie Actor), Scott Foley (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Scott Walker (Singer), Scott Bakula (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Scott Caan (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Scott Stapp (Singer), Scott Wilson (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Scott Baio (Movie Actor,TV Actor)


In English


-A CDP in Arkansas

-A city in Louisiana

-A municipality in Quebec

-A town in New York

-A town in Saskatchewan

-A village in Ohio

-An unincorporated town in Indiana

-One of seven towns in Wisconsin

-( male name -comes from the last names language-) transferred from the last name.

-(last name AAn English ethnic -comes from the nicknames language-) for someone with Scottish ancestry.