Colors Related to this Name: Red

Qualities Related to this Name: Compassionate, Idealistic

Popularity: This is a popular name in the US. Ranking #1758 in 2013 and #1808 in 2014.

Famous People

Stuart Scott (TV Actor), Stuart Townsend (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Stuart Woods (Writer), Stuart Lafferty (TV Actor), Stuart Margolin (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Stuart Whitman (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Stuart Lancaster (Movie Actor), Stuart Damon (Movie Actor)


In English


-A royal house in Scotland and England up to the early 18th century.

-( male name -comes from the last names language-) transferred from the last name.

-(last name Scottish -comes from the occupations language-), a variant of Stewart.

In Scots


-( male name) transferred from the last name.

-(last name), a variant of Stewart.