Noun Definition


1.Definition: a cause for feeling concern

"His major care was the illness of his wife"

Category: Feelings

2.Definition: activity involved in maintaining something in good working order

"He wrote the manual on car care"

Related Noun(s):maintenance, upkeep

Category: General

3.Definition: an anxious feeling

"Care had aged him", "They hushed it up out of fear of public reaction"

Related Noun(s):concern, fear

Category: Feelings

4.Definition: attention and management implying responsibility for safety

"He is in the care of a bodyguard"

Related Noun(s):charge, guardianship, tutelage

Category: General

5.Definition: judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger

"He exercised caution in opening the door", "He handled the vase with care"

Related Noun(s):caution, forethought, precaution

Category: General

6.Definition: the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something

"No medical care was required", "The old car needs constant attention"

Related Noun(s):aid, attention

Category: General