Noun Definition


1.Definition: (physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon

Related Noun(s):inclination

Category: General

2.Definition: a brief immersion

Category: General

3.Definition: a brief swim in water

Related Noun(s):plunge

Category: General

4.Definition: a candle that is made by repeated dipping in a pool of wax or tallow

Category: Objects

5.Definition: a depression in an otherwise level surface

"There was a dip in the road"

Category: General

6.Definition: a gymnastic exercise on the parallel bars in which the body is lowered and raised by bending and straightening the arms

Category: General

7.Definition: a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity

"A drop of 57 points on the Dow Jones index", "There was a drop in pressure in the pulmonary artery", "A dip in prices", "When that became known the price of their stock went into free fall"

Related Noun(s):drop, fall

Category: General

8.Definition: a thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places

Related Noun(s):cutpurse, pickpocket

Category: People

9.Definition: tasty mixture or liquid into which bite-sized foods are dipped

Category: Food