Noun Definition


1.Definition: American general who led the Confederate Armies in the American Civil War (1807-1870)

Related Noun(s):robert e. lee, robert edward lee

Category: People

2.Definition: leader of the American Revolution who proposed the resolution calling for independence of the American Colonies (1732-1794)

Related Noun(s):richard henry lee

Category: People

3.Definition: soldier of the American Revolution (1756-1818)

Related Noun(s):henry lee, lighthorse harry lee

Category: People

4.Definition: the side of something that is sheltered from the wind

Related Noun(s):lee side, leeward

Category: Places

5.Definition: United States actor who was an expert in kung fu and starred in martial arts films (1941-1973)

Related Noun(s):bruce lee, lee yuen kam

Category: People

6.Definition: United States filmmaker whose works explore the richness of black culture in America (born in 1957)

Related Noun(s):shelton jackson lee, spike lee

Category: People

7.Definition: United States physicist (born in China) who collaborated with Yang Chen Ning in disproving the principle of conservation of parity (born in 1926)

Related Noun(s):tsung dao lee

Category: People

8.Definition: United States striptease artist who became famous on Broadway in the 1930s (1914-1970)

Related Noun(s):gypsy rose lee, rose louise hovick

Category: People