Noun Definition


1.Definition: a combat between two mounted knights tilting against each other with blunted lances

Related Noun(s):joust

Category: General

2.Definition: a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement

Related Noun(s):argument, contention, contestation, controversy, disceptation, disputation

Category: General

3.Definition: a slight but noticeable partiality

"The court's tilt toward conservative rulings"

Category: General

4.Definition: pitching dangerously to one side

Related Noun(s):careen, rock, sway

Category: General

5.Definition: the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical

"The tower had a pronounced tilt", "The ship developed a list to starboard", "He walked with a heavy inclination to the right"

Related Noun(s):inclination, lean, list

Category: General