Noun Definition


1.Definition: a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

Related Noun(s):backsheesh, baksheesh, bakshis, bakshish, gratuity, pourboire

Category: General

2.Definition: a V shape

Related Noun(s):peak, point

Category: General

3.Definition: an indication of potential opportunity

"He got a tip on the stock market", "A good lead for a job"

Related Noun(s):hint, lead, steer, wind

Category: General

4.Definition: the extreme end of something; especially something pointed

Category: Places

5.Definition: the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

"The view from the peak was magnificent", "They clambered to the tip of Monadnock", "The region is a few molecules wide at the summit"

Related Noun(s):crest, crown, peak, summit, top

Category: Places