Noun Definition


1.Definition: a source of difficulty

"One trouble after another delayed the job", "What's the problem?"

Related Noun(s):problem

Category: General

2.Definition: a strong feeling of anxiety

"His worry over the prospect of being fired", "It is not work but worry that kills", "He wanted to die and end his troubles"

Related Noun(s):worry

Category: Feelings

3.Definition: an angry disturbance

"He didn't want to make a fuss", "They had labor trouble", "A spot of bother"

Related Noun(s):bother, fuss, hassle

Category: General

4.Definition: an effort that is inconvenient

"I went to a lot of trouble", "He won without any trouble", "Had difficulty walking", "Finished the test only with great difficulty"

Related Noun(s):difficulty

Category: General

5.Definition: an event causing distress or pain

"What is the trouble?", "Heart trouble"

Category: General

6.Definition: an unwanted pregnancy

"He got several girls in trouble"

Category: General