Food that Starts with I

Starting with IC
  1. icaco
  2. ice
  3. iceberg
  4. icecream
  5. icing

Starting with IL
  1. ilama

Starting with IN
  1. indian mustard
  2. inebriant
  3. intermixture

Starting with IR
  1. irish

Food that Starts with I

Icaco is a fruit you’ll know more about in the following article. But not just fruits, but also meats, vegetables and grains. Each food will have its definition beside it and the food will also be used in a sentence.


Fruits that start with I

Icaco -plum-shaped whitish to almost black fruit used for preserves; tropical American.

The delectable icaco was made in to a jam.


Ilama -whitish tropical fruit with a pinkish tinge related to custard apples; grown in the southern United States.

The ilama is eaten with either sugar to intensify sweetness or drop of lemon to bring upon a bitter taste.



Indian mustard -leaves eaten as cooked greens.

The Indian mustard plant, can be used for food or for farmers, as mulch.