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-The continent that is south of Europe, east of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Indian Ocean and north of Antarctica. It holds the following countries:

-(historical) A province of the Roman Empire containing what is now modern Tunisia and portions of Libya.

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In Latin

Origin: Feminine of āfricus, as a noun elliptic of terra Africa. The adjective āfricus comes from the name of the Āfri (singular Afer), a tribal people of the area near Carthage, by addition of the -icus suffix. The Latin term formed alongside Greek ἡ Ἀφρική, both terms being attested since the first century.


-Africa as a continent, understood as the quarter of the globe south of the Mediterranean

-Name of a Roman province from 146 BC to AD 293 (later split into ''Africa Zeugitana'' and ''Africa Byzacena'' under Diocletian)

-Northwestern Africa, the territory of Carthage, the African coast west of the Nile

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Origin: Latin Africa