Colors Related to this Name: Green, Cream

Qualities Related to this Name: Diplomatic, Sensitive

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #170 in 2013 and #170 in 2014.


In English

Origin: From French Catherine, from Ancient Greek Αἰκατερίνη ‎(Aikaterínē), *Ἑκατερίνη ‎(*Hekaterínē), of debated meaning, possibly from ἑκάτερος ‎(hekáteros, “each of the two”), or from the name of the goddess Hecate. The spelling with 'h' in Latin languages, German and English, is due to a folk etymology, dating from Roman times, which associated the name with the Ancient Greek καθαρός ‎(katharós, “pure”). The name belonged to a 4th-century saint and martyr from Alexandria who was tortured on the wheel.


-( female name -comes from the Ancient Greek language-).

In French


-( female name), related to English Catherine.