Colors Related to this Name: Black, Purple

Qualities Related to this Name: Born Leader, Visionary

Popularity: This name is unique in the US. Ranking #8210 in 2013 and # in 2014.


In English

Origin: From Latin Clodovicus, from the same Germanic source as French Louis and German Ludwig, which see for more information.


-A US city in California.

-A US city in central northeastern New Mexico.

-(archaeology) A particular site that contains evidence of an early Native American culture.

-( male name) borne by several prominent people in Frankish/French and Germanic history.

In French

Origin: From the name of the Frankish king Clovis I. From Latin Clodovicus, the Latinised form of a Frankish name like *Hlūdawīg, whence also Louis was derived from the same source, but developed naturally within French instead of being borrowed from the older form of the name. Cognate to German Ludwig, which see for more information.


-( male name), notably of four Frankish kings.

In Norman

Origin: From Latin Clodovicus.


-( male name -nor)