Colors Related to this Name: Green

Qualities Related to this Name: Philosophical, Spiritual

Popularity: This is an semi-popular name in the US. Ranking #2428 in 2013 and #2422 in 2014.


In Irish

Origin: From Latin Iōannēs, from Ancient Greek Ἰωάννης ‎(Iōánnēs), contraction from Hebrew יוֹחָנָ ‎(Jōħānān, “God is gracious”).


-The Gospel of St. John, a book of the New Testament of the Bible.

-(biblical character) John (any of several people in the Bible).

-( male name -comes from the Latin language-), equivalent to John, often confused with the unrelated native name, (Eoghan).

In Manx


-( male name), Manx equivalent to John.