Colors Related to this Name: Blue

Qualities Related to this Name: Romantic, Nurturing


In Scottish_Gaelic

Origin: From Scottish Gaelic, but of older Celtic origin. The first part of the proto-Celtic (assumed original form) of "Ver-caro-s", "Super-dear-one", is similar to modern Gaelic "fìor" and Gaelic words "far", "over" and "air", "on" or "upon" - cognate with Latin "super" and English "over". The second part, although lenited, is related to modern Scottish Gaelic words such as "caraid", "friend" or "relative", and the Latin adjective "carus": many words are derived from the same root in Indo-European languages, such as "charity" and "care" in English. The pronunciation includes an intrusive vowel sound (often, mistakenly, known as a Svarabakhti vowel) that is unwritten to allow for easier pronunciation.


-( male name) of Scottish Gaelic origin. The anglicised equivalent is "''Farquhar''".