Colors Related to this Name: Purple, Lilac, Mavve

Qualities Related to this Name: Creative, Light-Hearted

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #314 in 2013 and #272 in 2014.


In English

Origin: Ultimately from Latin gemma ‎(“jewel”). The given name is in mostly borrowed through Italian Gemma; particularly the spelling Jemma is associated with James.


-( female name -comes from the Italian language-).

In Italian

Origin: Latin gemma ‎(“jewel”), with identical meaning in Italian.


-( female name), notably of Dante's wife, and of a 19th/20th century saint.

In Translingual

Origin: Latin gemma ‎(“jewel”)


-(taxon genus family Veneridae the type species being the (vern amethyst gem clam pedia1)