Colors Related to this Name: Blue, Gray

Qualities Related to this Name: Pratical, Dependable

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #17 in 2013 and #13 in 2014.


In English

Origin: Scottish Gaelic lagan ‎(“dell”)


-Places in Scotland, Canada, U.S., and Australia.

-( female name -comes from the last names language-) used since the 1990s; much less common than the male name.

-( male name -comes from the last names language-) transferred from the last names. Used since at least the 19th century, and popular in the 2000s.

-(last name AAn Irish -comes from the Irish language-), an Anglicization of (Ó Leocháin).

-(last name habitational -comes from the Scottish Gaelic language-) that comes from the Scottish places.