Colors Related to this Name: White, Gray

Qualities Related to this Name: Extroverted, Adventurous

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #29 in 2013 and #33 in 2014.


In English

Origin: The etymology is uncertain. It has been recorded in the 17th century in England Most probably a feminine form of Samuel, possibly influenced byAnthea. Other suggestions include the Aramaic noun ܫܡܥܢܬܐ ‎(šemʿanta, “listener”), from ܫܡܥ. In India, Samantha can be interpreted as a variant spelling of Samanta, from the Sanskrit word meaning "universal, adjacent".


-( female name -comes from the Hebrew language-).

In German

Origin: Borrowed from the English Samantha in the 1960s.


-( female name).