Colors Related to this Name: Red

Qualities Related to this Name: Compassionate, Idealistic


In Danish

Origin: From Old Norse Steinn, from steinn ‎(“stone”). Cognate with Norwegian Stein and Swedish Sten.


-(rare) (last name)

-( male name).

In Luxembourgish

Origin: From Old High German stein, from Proto-Germanic *stainaz. Cognates include German Stein, English stone, Dutch steen, Swedish sten. The alternation between the stems Steen and Steng is due to the Luxembourgish velarisation of -n- that took place only in open syllables. (The plural used to have the ending -e, as it still does in German.) Similar alternations are found in some other words (e.g. Schwäin), but Steen is the only one that retains distinct stems for singular and plural.


-Stone, pebble

-(botany) stone

-(uncountable geology) stone (substance)

In Norwegian


-(last name)