Places that Start with E

Starting with EA
  1. earldom
  2. earreach
  3. earshot
  4. earth
  5. east
  6. east africa
  7. east anglia
  8. east coast
  9. east germany
  10. east india
  11. east indies
  12. east malaysia
  13. east river
  14. east saint louis
  15. east side
  16. east sussex
  17. east timor
  18. eastern desert
  19. eastern hemisphere
  20. eastern roman empire
  21. eastern samoa
  22. eastern united states
  23. eau claire

Starting with EC
  1. ecliptic
  2. ecuador

Starting with ED
  1. eden
  2. edge
  3. edinburgh
  4. edirne
  5. edmonton
  6. edo

Starting with EE
  1. eelam

Starting with EG
  1. egadi islands
  2. egypt
  3. egyptian empire

Starting with EH
  1. ehadhamen

Starting with EI
  1. eindhoven
  2. eire
  3. eitchen midden

Starting with EL
  1. el aaium
  2. el alamein
  3. el beda
  4. el giza
  5. el iskandriyah
  6. el misti
  7. el paso
  8. el qahira
  9. el salvador
  10. elam
  11. election district
  12. electron orbit
  13. element
  14. elisabethville
  15. ellas
  16. ellice islands
  17. ellis island
  18. elmont
  19. elsass

Starting with EM
  1. emerald isle
  2. emirate
  3. empire
  4. empire state
  5. empyrean

Starting with EN
  1. encampment
  2. enclave
  3. end
  4. end point
  5. enderby land
  6. endpoint
  7. england
  8. enid
  9. eniwetok
  10. entebbe
  11. enterprise zone
  12. entrepot
  13. environment
  14. environs

Starting with EP
  1. eparchy
  2. ephesus
  3. epicenter
  4. epicentre
  5. epirus
  6. episcopate

Starting with EQ
  1. equality state
  2. equator
  3. equatorial guinea
  4. equinoctial
  5. equinoctial circle
  6. equinoctial line
  7. equinoctial point
  8. equinox

Starting with ER
  1. erie
  2. erie canal
  3. erin
  4. eritrea
  5. erivan

Starting with ES
  1. esfahan
  2. espana
  3. espoo
  4. essen
  5. essex
  6. esthonia
  7. estonia

Starting with ET
  1. eternal city
  2. ethiopia
  3. etna
  4. etruria

Starting with EU
  1. eugene
  2. eureka
  3. european country
  4. european nation
  5. european russia

Starting with EV
  1. evansville
  2. everglade state
  3. evergreen state

Starting with EX
  1. exaltation
  2. exarchate
  3. excavation
  4. exterior
  5. extreme
  6. extreme point
  7. extremity
  8. extremum
  9. exurbia

Starting with EY
  1. eye
  2. eyeshot
  3. eyrie
  4. eyry

Starting with EZ
  1. ezo

Places that Start with E

It would be great to travel around the world knowing the names of the places that start with E. Here are some places from all over the world that start with the letter E.


Places in Europe that start with E


East Anglia: a region of eastern England that was formerly a kingdom.

– If you are looking for cultural experiences and rural escapes, East Anglia is the perfect place for you.


Egadi islands: a group of islands off the west coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean.

Egadi Islands are three small islands with unique charming where people can enjoy good food and relax.


Eindhoven: city in southeastern Netherlands noted for the electrical industry.

– Despite to be an old city, Eindhoven has a big display of modern buildings.


Elsass: a region of northeastern France famous for its wines.

Elsass landscapes and natural scenarios would be great for a fairytale movie.



Places in Asia, that start with E


East Indies: a group of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans between Asia and Australia.

East Indies was considered as an important trading zone since many centuries ago.


Edo: the capital and the largest city of Japan; the economic and cultural center of Japan.

Edo was the former name of Tokyo, now capital of Japan.



Esfahan: city in central Iran; former capital of Persia.

Esfahan’s Central Square is outstanding. A beauty un the middle of Iran.


Erivan: capital of Armenia.

– You just have to look at the Museum of Art and History in Erivan, to understand Armenian rich culture.


Places in Latin America that start with E


Eastern Samoa: a United States territory on the eastern part of the island of Samoa.

-Tutulia is the largest island in Eastern Samoa, but it worths to visit the five of them.


Ecuador: a republic in northwestern South America; became independent from Spain in 1822; the landscape is dominated by the Andes.

Ecuador is a new destination for retirees, in their majority, American citizens.


El Salvador: a republic on the Pacific coast of Central America.

El Salvador economy is based on its exports of products like sugar, coffee, and textiles.


Erie: a port city on Lake Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania.

– We visited the Bicentennial Tower at Port Erie.


Places in Africa that start with E


El Aaiun: a town in Morocco near the Atlantic coast.

– Spanish influence can be seen in the old town of El Aaiun.


El Giza: an ancient Egyptian city on the west bank of the Nile opposite Cairo; site of three Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.

– You can’t speak about El Giza without mentioning the pyramids.


Entebbe: -a town in southern Uganda on Lake Victoria; site of an international airport.

– I heard the news about Entebbe, Uganda.