Plants that Start with I

Starting with IB
  1. iberis
  2. ibolium privet
  3. ibota privet

Starting with IC
  1. icaco
  2. ice plant
  3. iceland lichen
  4. iceland moss
  5. iceland poppy
  6. icicle plant

Starting with ID
  1. idesia
  2. idesia polycarpa
  3. idria columnaris

Starting with IL
  1. ilama
  2. ilama tree
  3. ilex
  4. ilex cornuta
  5. ilex decidua
  6. ilex glabra
  7. ilex paraguariensis
  8. iliamna
  9. iliamna acerifolia
  10. iliamna remota
  11. iliamna ruvularis
  12. illecebrum
  13. illicium
  14. illicium anisatum
  15. illicium floridanum
  16. illicium verum

Starting with IM
  1. imbauba
  2. immortelle
  3. imou pine
  4. impala lily
  5. impatiens capensis

Starting with IN
  1. incense cedar
  2. incense tree
  3. incense wood
  4. incienso
  5. indian arrowroot
  6. indian banyan
  7. indian bean
  8. indian beech
  9. indian beet
  10. indian blackwood
  11. indian blanket
  12. indian breadroot
  13. indian button fern
  14. indian cherry
  15. indian chickweed
  16. indian chocolate
  17. indian coral tree
  18. indian corn
  19. indian cress
  20. indian crocus
  21. indian currant
  22. indian hemp
  23. indian lettuce
  24. indian lotus
  25. indian madder
  26. indian mallow
  27. indian millet
  28. indian mustard
  29. indian paint
  30. indian paintbrush
  31. indian pea
  32. indian pink
  33. indian pipe
  34. indian plantain
  35. indian poke
  36. indian potato
  37. indian rattlebox
  38. indian rhododendron
  39. indian rhubarb
  40. indian rosewood
  41. indian salad
  42. indian senna
  43. indian shot
  44. indian tobacco
  45. indian turnip
  46. indigo
  47. indigo broom
  48. indigo plant
  49. indigo squill
  50. indigofera
  51. indigofera anil
  52. indigofera suffruticosa
  53. indigofera tinctoria
  54. indusium
  55. inflorescence
  56. inga
  57. inga edulis
  58. inga laurina
  59. inkberry
  60. inky cap
  61. innocense
  62. interior live oak
  63. intermediate wheatgrass
  64. internode
  65. interrupted fern
  66. inula
  67. inula helenium
  68. involucre

Starting with IO
  1. iowa crab
  2. iowa crab apple

Starting with IP
  1. ipomoea
  2. ipomoea alba
  3. ipomoea batatas
  4. ipomoea coccinea
  5. ipomoea fastigiata
  6. ipomoea imperialis
  7. ipomoea leptophylla
  8. ipomoea nil
  9. ipomoea orizabensis
  10. ipomoea panurata
  11. ipomoea purpurea
  12. ipomoea quamoclit
  13. ipomoea tricolor

Starting with IR
  1. iresine
  2. iresine herbstii
  3. iresine reticulata
  4. iridaceae
  5. iridaceous plant
  6. iris
  7. iris cristata
  8. iris family
  9. iris filifolia
  10. iris florentina
  11. iris foetidissima
  12. iris germanica
  13. iris kaempferi
  14. iris kochii
  15. iris pallida
  16. iris persica
  17. iris pseudacorus
  18. iris tingitana
  19. iris verna
  20. iris versicolor
  21. iris virginica
  22. iris xiphioides
  23. iris xiphium
  24. irish gorse
  25. irish strawberry
  26. iron oak
  27. iron tree
  28. ironweed
  29. ironwood
  30. ironwood tree
  31. irvingia
  32. irvingia gabonensis

Starting with IS
  1. isatis
  2. isatis tinctoria
  3. islay
  4. isoetaceae
  5. isoetales
  6. isoetes
  7. isopyrum
  8. isopyrum biternatum

Starting with IT
  1. italian clover
  2. italian cypress
  3. italian millet
  4. italian parsley
  5. italian rye
  6. italian ryegrass
  7. italian woodbine

Starting with IV
  1. iva
  2. iva xanthifolia
  3. ivory nut
  4. ivory palm
  5. ivory plant
  6. ivory tree
  7. ivy
  8. ivy arum
  9. ivy family
  10. ivy geranium

Starting with IX
  1. ixia

Plants that Start with I

As the family enters into the home of the Indians they see many beautiful lotuses. One of the few flowers you’ll read in the following article of plants that start with I. And not just flowers but also herbs, trees, and jungles and swamps from different countries and regions of the world. And each plant or tree, will have its definition next to it so you’ll know what it is and it’ll be used in a sentence to help you better understand it.



Iris Family -large family of usually perennial geophytic herbs with rhizomes or corms or bulbs.

The plants in the iris family all live in different habitats.


Iresine -genus of tropical American herbs or subshrubs.

The iresine is only native to the American tropics.


Iberis -Old World herbs and subshrubs: candytuft.

The iberis has many medical uses, but it’s gardened at homes to decorate their walkways.


Iliamna -small genus of perennial herbs or subshrubs; some often placed in other genera.

The Iliamna is related to the bush mallows of California.


Indigofera -genus of tropical herbs and shrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and spurred flowers in long racemes or spikes.

The indigofera are used to produce indigo dye.


Flowers that start with I


Icicle plant -Old World annual widely naturalized in warm regions having white flowers and fleshy foliage covered with hairs that resemble ice.

The icicle plant protect their gamete at night, but open in the sunlight.


Idria Columnaris -candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowers.

The branches of the idria columnaris all grow in the right angles.


Illicium Anisatum -small shrubby tree of Japan and Taiwan; flowers are not fragrant.

Because it’s so toxic, the illicium anisatum cannot be eaten.


Impatiens Capensis -North American annual plant with usually yellow or orange flowers; grows chiefly on wet rather acid soil.

The impatiens capensis is used as a remedy for rashes.


Indian Lotus -native to eastern Asia; widely cultivated for its large pink or white flowers.

Since ancient times, the Indian Lotus has been a sacred flower; that symbolizes many things in the Indian culture.


Trees that start with I


Ivy Family -mostly tropical trees and shrubs and lianas: genera Panax and Hedera.

The ivy family trees are mainly found in the Americas and Europe.


Ilex -a large genus of dicotyledonous trees and shrubs of the family Aquifoliaceae that have small flowers and berries (including hollies).

The ilex was first introduced to England in the 16th century, and the first tree to ever grow are still found today!


Illicium -anise trees: evergreen trees with aromatic leaves.

The illixium grows small flowers that can have few to many petals.


Incense Cedar -tall tree of the Pacific coast of North America having foliage like cypress and cinnamon-red bark.
-any of several attractive trees of southwestern South America and New Zealand and New Caledonia having glossy evergreen leaves and scented wood.

The incense cedar is actually cut down to make pencils.