Colors Related to this Name: Green

Qualities Related to this Name: Philosophical, Spiritual

Popularity: This name is unique in the US. Ranking #3789 in 2013 and #3840 in 2014.

Famous People

Francine Rivers (Writer), Francine Prose (Writer), Francine York (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Francine Pascal (Writer), Francine Beers (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Francine Tacker (TV Actress), Francine Mathews (Writer), Francine Everett (Movie Actress,Singer)


In English

Origin: From French Francine.


-( female name -comes from the French language-).

In French

Origin: From Old French Franc +‎ -ine . Today often associated with the given names France and Françoise.


-( female name).