Colors Related to this Name: Yellow, Orange and Gold

Qualities Related to this Name: Born Leader, Determined

Popularity: This is an semi-popular name in the US. Ranking #3331 in 2013 and #2847 in 2014.

Famous People

Kay Panabaker (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Kay Cannon (TV Actress), Kay Lenz (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Kay Francis (Movie Actress), Kay Thompson (Movie Actress,Singer), Kay Hooper (Writer), Kay E. Kuter (Movie Actor,TV Actor), Kay Johnson (Movie Actress)


In English


-A short form of Katherine and other female names beginning with a "K"; popular as a middle name.

-( male name -comes from the Welsh language-) that comes from the last names, or from a rare medieval first name ( as the Sir Kay of Arthurian legend ), Welsh ''Cai'', Latinized as Caius, related to the modern male name Kai.

-(last name -comes from the Middle English language-) that comes from several Old and Middle English words; also adopted by immigrants whose last names began with a K.

In German


-( male name), a spelling variant of Kai.

In Turkish


-( male name)