Colors Related to this Name: Blue

Qualities Related to this Name: Romantic, Nurturing

Popularity: This name is unique in the US. Ranking #3956 in 2013 and #4293 in 2014.

Famous People

Lorna Luft (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Lorna Patterson (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Lorna Raver (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Lorna Maitland (Movie Actress), Lorna Gray (Movie Actress), Lorna Thayer (Movie Actress), Lorna Lewis (TV Actress), Lorna Beers (Writer)


In English

Origin: Invented by R.D. Blackmore for his novel Lorna Doone, possibly from the Scottish place name Lorn(e) in Argyll.


-( female name -comes from the Scottish Gaelic language-) of mostly Scottish usage.