Colors Related to this Name: Green

Qualities Related to this Name: Philosophical, Spiritual

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #25 in 2013 and #19 in 2014.

Famous People

Victoria Justice (Movie Actress,Singer,TV Actress), Victoria Azarenka (Tennis Player), Victoria Principal (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Victoria Rowell (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Victoria Jackson (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Victoria Cartagena (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Victoria Monet (Singer), Victoria Vetri (Movie Actress)


In English

Origin: From Latin Victoria, from victoria ‎(“victory”). Can also be interpreted as a feminine form of Victor.


-A city in Texas

-A rural municipality in Manitoba

-A town in Grenada

-Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa.

-Main town of the federal territory of Labuan (Malaysia).

-One of the six states of Australia, situated in the south-eastern part of the continent, with its capital at Melbourne.

-Provincial capital of British Columbia (Canada).

-The capital of Seychelles.

-The City of Victoria, a settlement in Hong Kong often referred to as its capital

-(historical Australia) The British colony in what is now the Australian state of Victoria.

-(Roman god) The Roman goddess of victory; equivalent to the Greek goddess Nike.

-( female name -comes from the Latin language-).

-(label en astronomy) Short for (w 12 Victoria), a main belt asteroid.

In Spanish

Origin: From the Latin name Victoria; also shortened from María (de la) Victoria, a Roman Catholic epithet of the Virgin Mary as "Our Lady of Victory".


-( female name).

In French


-Victoria (the lake)

-( female name), related to Victoria.

In German


-( female name), a spelling variant of Viktoria.

In Swedish


-( female name), a spelling variant of Viktoria.

In Danish

Origin: From Latin Victoria.


-( female name).

In Norwegian


-( female name), a popular spelling variant of Viktoria.