Noun Definition


1.Definition: a formal proposal for action made to a deliberative assembly for discussion and vote

"He made a motion to adjourn", "She called for the question"

Related Noun(s):motion

Category: General

2.Definition: a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply

"He asked a direct question", "He had trouble phrasing his interrogations"

Related Noun(s):interrogation, interrogative

Category: General

3.Definition: an informal reference to a marriage proposal

"He was ready to pop the question"

Category: General

4.Definition: an instance of questioning

"There was a question about my training", "We made inquiries of all those who were present"

Related Noun(s):enquiry, inquiry, interrogation, query

Category: General

5.Definition: the subject matter at issue

"The question of disease merits serious discussion", "Under the head of minor Roman poets"

Related Noun(s):head

Category: General

6.Definition: uncertainty about the truth or factuality or existence of something

"The dubiousness of his claim", "There is no question about the validity of the enterprise"

Related Noun(s):doubt, doubtfulness, dubiousness

Category: General