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Qualities Related to this Name: Philosophical, Spiritual

Popularity: This is a popular name in the US. Ranking #1268 in 2013 and #1255 in 2014.


In Portuguese

Origin: New Testament form of Jacó. From Latin Sanctus (“holy, saint”) Iacobus (“James”) from Ἰακώβ ‎(Iakṓb), from Classical Hebrew יַעֲקֹב ‎(Yaʿăqōḇ). Originally Santo Iago, it was contracted to Santiago, and ultimately suffered juncture loss ("São Tiago") in analogy to São Mateus, São Marcos, etc.


-One of two Apostles, James the Greater and James the Less, often identified with James, brother of Jesus.

-(biblical) The twentieth book of the New Testament of the Bible, the general epistle of James.

-( male name); Portuguese equivalent of James.