Plants that Start with J

Starting with JA
  1. jaboncillo
  2. jaboticaba
  3. jaboticaba tree
  4. jacaranda
  5. jack bean
  6. jack oak
  7. jack pine
  8. jackfruit
  9. jackfruit tree
  10. jacksonia
  11. jacobean lily
  12. jacquinia
  13. jacquinia armillaris
  14. jacquinia keyensis
  15. jade vine
  16. jafnea semitosta
  17. jaggery palm
  18. jagua
  19. jalapeno
  20. jamaica bayberry
  21. jamaica caper tree
  22. jamaica dogwood
  23. jamaica quassia
  24. jamaica sorrel
  25. jamaican cherry
  26. jamberry
  27. jambos
  28. jambosa
  29. jamesonia
  30. jamestown weed
  31. jap clover
  32. japan allspice
  33. japan bittersweet
  34. japan cedar
  35. japan clover
  36. japanese allspice
  37. japanese andromeda
  38. japanese angelica tree
  39. japanese apricot
  40. japanese banana
  41. japanese barberry
  42. japanese beech
  43. japanese bittersweet
  44. japanese black pine
  45. japanese brome
  46. japanese carpet grass
  47. japanese cedar
  48. japanese cherry
  49. japanese chess
  50. japanese chestnut
  51. japanese clover
  52. japanese hop
  53. japanese iris
  54. japanese ivy
  55. japanese lacquer tree
  56. japanese lawn grass
  57. japanese leaf
  58. japanese leek
  59. japanese lilac
  60. japanese lime
  61. japanese linden
  62. japanese maple
  63. japanese medlar
  64. japanese millet
  65. japanese morning glory
  66. japanese oak
  67. japanese pagoda tree
  68. japanese persimmon
  69. japanese pink
  70. japanese plum
  71. japanese poinsettia
  72. japanese privet
  73. japanese quince
  74. japanese radish
  75. japanese red pine
  76. japanese rose
  77. japanese snowbell
  78. japanese spurge
  79. japanese sumac
  80. japanese table pine
  81. japanese tree lilac
  82. japanese umbrella pine
  83. japanese varnish tree
  84. japanese wistaria
  85. japanese yew
  86. japonica
  87. jasmine
  88. jasmine tobacco
  89. jasminum
  90. jasminum mesnyi
  91. jasminum nudiflorum
  92. jasminum officinale
  93. jasminum sambac
  94. jatropha
  95. jatropha curcus
  96. jatropha stimulosus
  97. jatropha urens
  98. java olives
  99. java pepper

Starting with JE
  1. jeffrey pine
  2. jelly fungus
  3. jellyleaf
  4. jersey elm
  5. jersey fern
  6. jersey knapweed
  7. jersey pine
  8. jerusalem artichoke
  9. jerusalem cherry
  10. jerusalem oak
  11. jerusalem sage
  12. jerusalem thorn
  13. jessamine
  14. jew bush
  15. jewbush
  16. jewel orchid
  17. jewelweed

Starting with JI
  1. jimson weed
  2. jimsonweed
  3. jiqui

Starting with JO
  1. jocote
  2. joewood
  3. johnson grass
  4. joint fir
  5. jointed charlock
  6. jointed rush
  7. jonquil
  8. jordan almond
  9. joshua tree

Starting with JU
  1. judas tree
  2. juglandaceae
  3. juglandales
  4. juglans
  5. juglans californica
  6. juglans cinerea
  7. juglans nigra
  8. juglans regia
  9. jujube
  10. jujube bush
  11. jumbie bead
  12. jumby bead
  13. jumby bean
  14. jumby tree
  15. jumping bean
  16. jumping orchid
  17. jumping seed
  18. juncaceae
  19. juncaginaceae
  20. juncus
  21. juncus articulatus
  22. juncus bufonius
  23. juncus effusus
  24. juncus inflexus
  25. juncus leseurii
  26. juncus tenuis
  27. june grass
  28. juneberry
  29. juneberry holly
  30. jungermanniaceae
  31. jungermanniales
  32. juniper
  33. juniper berry
  34. juniper bush
  35. juniperus
  36. juniperus bermudiana
  37. juniperus communis
  38. juniperus flaccida
  39. juniperus horizontalis
  40. juniperus procera
  41. juniperus sabina
  42. juniperus silicicola
  43. juniperus virginiana
  44. jupati
  45. jupati palm
  46. jupaty

Plants that Start with J

Our planet is marvelous, and it is very rich in flora. Wherever you look beautiful trees, flowers and plants decorate its landscapes. There are millions of species that we can’t even imagine. Most of the names in this list are scientific names for the species, it will be very interesting to discover them.


Herbs that start with J

Jacobean Lily: Mexican bulbous herb cultivated for its handsome bright red solitary flower.

– The Jacobean Lily is very easy to grow in full sun. It is a beautiful red flower.


Jelly leaf: herb widely distributed in tropics and subtropics used for forage and medicinally as a demulcent and having a fine soft bast stronger than jute; sometimes an aggressive weed.

– The jelly leaf herb is weed of cotton and soybean plants.


Joseph’s Coat: perennial aromatic herb of southeastern Asia having large usually bright-colored or blotched leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers; sometimes placed in genus Solenostemon.

Joseph’s coat does not tolerate cold weather; it is a full sun plant.


Juncaceae: tufted herbs resembling grasses: rushes.

– The Juncaceae family includes four hundred species that resembles grasses.


Flowers that start with J

Jacksonia: genus of yellow-flowered Australian unarmed or spiny shrubs without true leaves but having leaflike stems or branches.

Jacksonia flowers are named after a famous Scottish botanist named George Jackson.


Japanese allspice: deciduous Japanese shrub cultivated for its fragrant yellow flowers.

– The Japanese allspice is used to alleviate cough.


Japanese poinsettia: showy poinsettia found from the southern United States to Peru.

– The Japanese poinsettia is also known as “Devil’s Backbone” or “Redbird Flower”.


Japanese wisteria: having flowers of pink to mauve or violet-blue.

– To visit the Japanese wisteria tunnels in Japan were a fairy tale experience.


Trees that start with J

Jacaranda: an important Brazilian timber tree yielding a heavy, hard dark-colored wood streaked with black.

– Those Jacaranda trees along the road add a great view of the city.


Juglans: type genus of the Juglandaceae.

– The seeds of the juglan tree are better known as walnuts.


Japanese sumac: small Asiatic tree yielding a toxic exudate from which lacquer is obtained.

Japanese sumac seeds looked like colored marbles or jawbreaker candies.


Jungle and swamps that start with J

Jesuits’ nut: a variety of water chestnut.

– The Jesuits’ nut leaves contain a toxic substance that is destroyed by cooking it.