Plants that Start with K

Starting with KA
  1. kaffir
  2. kaffir boom
  3. kaffir bread
  4. kaffir corn
  5. kafir corn
  6. kahikatea
  7. kaki
  8. kalantas
  9. kale
  10. kali
  11. kalmia
  12. kalmia angustifolia
  13. kalmia latifolia
  14. kalmia polifolia
  15. kalumpang
  16. kanaf
  17. kangaroo apple
  18. kangaroo paw
  19. kaoliang
  20. kapok
  21. kapuka
  22. katharobe
  23. katsura tree
  24. kauri
  25. kauri pine
  26. kaury
  27. kawaka

Starting with KE
  1. keeled garlic
  2. kei apple
  3. kei apple bush
  4. kelpwort
  5. kenaf
  6. kennedia
  7. kennedia coccinea
  8. kennedia prostrata
  9. kennedya
  10. kentan
  11. kentucky blue
  12. kentucky bluegrass
  13. kentucky coffee tree
  14. kentucky yellowwood
  15. kentucy blue grass
  16. kernel
  17. keteleeria
  18. ketembilla
  19. ketembilla tree
  20. keurboom
  21. key
  22. key fruit
  23. key palm

Starting with KH
  1. khaya
  2. khesari

Starting with KI
  1. kiaat
  2. kidney bean
  3. kidney begonia
  4. kidney fern
  5. kidney vetch
  6. kidney wort
  7. kiggelaria
  8. kiggelaria africana
  9. killarney fern
  10. king begonia
  11. king devil
  12. king fern
  13. king nut
  14. king nut hickory
  15. king orange
  16. king protea
  17. king william pine
  18. kingcup
  19. kingdom fungi
  20. kingfisher daisy
  21. kingwood
  22. kingwood tree
  23. kino
  24. kino gum
  25. kirkia
  26. kirkia wilmsii
  27. kitambilla
  28. kittul
  29. kitul
  30. kitul tree
  31. kiwi
  32. kiwi vine

Starting with KL
  1. klammath weed

Starting with KN
  1. knapweed
  2. knawe
  3. knawel
  4. knightia
  5. kniphofia
  6. kniphofia praecox
  7. kniphofia uvaria
  8. knob celery
  9. knobcone pine
  10. knotgrass
  11. knotted marjoram
  12. knotty pine

Starting with KO
  1. kochia
  2. kochia scoparia
  3. koellia
  4. kohleria
  5. kohlrabi
  6. kola
  7. kola nut
  8. kola nut tree
  9. kolkwitzia
  10. kolkwitzia amabilis
  11. konini
  12. korean lawn grass
  13. korean lespedeza
  14. korean velvet grass
  15. kosteletzya
  16. kosteletzya virginica
  17. kowhai

Starting with KR
  1. krigia
  2. krigia bulbosa
  3. krigia dandelion
  4. krubi

Starting with KU
  1. kudu lily
  2. kudzu
  3. kudzu vine
  4. kumquat
  5. kumquat tree
  6. kurakkan
  7. kurchee
  8. kurchi
  9. kurrajong
  10. kurrat
  11. kutch

Starting with KW
  1. kweek

Plants that Start with K

Herbs, plants, and trees are widespread around the globe, in this section we will show you many other plants that start with K.


Herbs that start with K

Kosteletzkya: small genus of herbs of southeastern United States and tropical America and Africa.

– The kosteletzkya family includes thirty species around the world.


Krigia Bulbosa: small yellow-flowered herb resembling dandelions of central and southeastern United States.

– The flowers of the krigia bulbs look like yellow dandelions.


Flowers that start with K

Kalmia Polifolia: Laurel of bogs of northwestern United States having small purple flowers and pale leaves that are glaucous beneath.

– Despite its beautiful flowers, the Kalmia polifolia foliage is poisonous to animals.


Kangaroo Apple: Australian annual sometimes cultivated for its racemes of purple flowers and edible yellow egg-shaped fruit.

– The kangaroo apple flowers are very pretty, but its fruit is toxic until ripe.


Kangaroo paw: sedgelike spring-flowering herb having clustered flowers covered with wooly hairs; Australia.

– Love how the kangaroo paw flowers grow around the park near my house. Their bright red color always cheer me up.

Klammath Weed: yellow-flowered perennial common in fields and waste places but a weed in rangelands.

– The plant is poisonous to livestock, but the klammath weed flowers are beautiful.


Trees that start with K

Kaki: small deciduous Asiatic tree bearing large red or orange edible astringent fruit.

-It’s known that kaki trees are native to Asia, but you can also find them in California and Europe. The kaki tree is also known as Persimmon.


Kalantas: Philippine timber tree has hard red fragrant wood.

– The wood of Kalantas tree is used to make furniture, musical instruments, and carving.


Kalumpang: large tree of Old World tropics having foul-smelling orange-red blossoms followed by red pods enclosing oil-rich seeds sometimes used as food.

Kalumpang trees are tall with a woody rounded pod as fruits.


Kapok: massive tropical tree with deep ridges on its massive trunk and bearing large pods of seeds covered with silky floss; source of the silky kapok fiber.

– The kapok tree has too many uses from carvings and coffins to soaps made with his oils in seeds.


King Orange: large citrus tree has large sweet deep orange fruit that is easily peeled; widely cultivated in Florida.

– Walking along the river we saw many king oranges. My little brother picked some fruits.