Colors Related to this Name: Blue

Qualities Related to this Name: Romantic, Nurturing

Popularity: This is a very popular name in the US. Ranking #335 in 2013 and #375 in 2014.

Famous People

Veronica Lake (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Veronica Cartwright (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Veronica Hart (Movie Actress), Veronica Hamel (TV Actress), Veronica Porsche Ali (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Veronica Webb (Movie Actress,TV Actress), Veronica Vera (Movie Actress), Veronica Cooper (Movie Actress)


In English

Origin: Latin form of Berenice, from Ancient Greek Φερενίκη ‎(Phereníkē). Influenced by the Church Latin phrase vera icon "true image" associated with the legend of Saint Veronica who wiped the face of Jesus on the way to Calvary.


-( female name -comes from the Ancient Greek language-).

In Swedish


-Veronica. ( female name).

In Norwegian


-( female name), related to English Veronica.

In Translingual

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-(taxon genus tribe Veroniceae many species of herbaceous plants, many with blue flowers, including speedwells)