Food that Starts with L

Starting with LA
  1. ladyfinger
  2. lager
  3. lamb
  4. lambchop
  5. langouste
  6. langoustine
  7. lanseh
  8. lard
  9. larder
  10. lasagna
  11. lasagne
  12. latke
  13. latte

Starting with LE
  1. leaf beet
  2. leaf lettuce
  3. leaf mustard
  4. leechee
  5. leek
  6. leftovers
  7. leg
  8. legume
  9. lekvar
  10. lemon
  11. lemon balm
  12. lemonade
  13. lentil
  14. lettuce

Starting with LI
  1. libation
  2. lichee
  3. licorice
  4. liebfraumilch
  5. liederkranz
  6. lima bean
  7. limburger
  8. lime
  9. limeade
  10. limpa
  11. limpet
  12. lingcod
  13. lingonberry
  14. linguica
  15. linguine
  16. liqueur
  17. liquor
  18. liquorice
  19. litchi
  20. littleneck
  21. liver
  22. liverwurst

Starting with LO
  1. loaf
  2. loblolly
  3. lobscouse
  4. lobster
  5. loganberry
  6. loin
  7. lollipop
  8. lolly
  9. longanberry
  10. loquat
  11. lovage
  12. lox
  13. lozenge

Starting with LU
  1. lunch
  2. luncheon
  3. lutefisk

Starting with LY
  1. lychee

Food that Starts with L

Many food names start with the letter “L”, and it is probably that you have heard or know some of them. The list includes fruits, vegetables, meats and grains. Which of the foods do you crave?


Fruits that start with L

Lansat: east Indian tart yellow berrylike fruit.

– The Landsat seed powder is used to reduce fever. The pulp is healthful, and the fruit peel is used as organic fertilizer.


Lichee: Chinese fruit having a thin brittle shell enclosing a sweet jellylike pulp and a single seed; often dried.

– Did you know that lichee is a natural cancer treatment?


Lemon: yellow oval fruit with juicy acidic flesh.

– Drinking a glass of water with lemon juice is beneficial for your skin.


Lingonberry:  red berries similar to American cranberries but smaller.

Lingonberries are rich in benzoic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants.


Lime: the green acidic fruit of any of various lime trees.

– I baked lime pies to sell at the fair.



Meats that start with L

Lamb: the flesh of a young domestic sheep eaten as food.

Lamb cuts are cheaper in spring.


Linguica: a highly seasoned Portuguese pork sausage flavored with garlic and onions.

– On Sunday, our friends came by. We have hamburgers and grilled linguica.


Liver: liver of an animal used as meat.

– It’s known that liver has many beneficial properties, but the truth is that the liver is not my favorite.


Lobster: flesh of a lobster.

Lobsters are so pricey, $150 for ten pounds of cooked lobster.


Vegetables that start with L


Leaf beet: long succulent whitish stalks with large green leaves.

– As its name and says you can eat  only the leaves and the stem of the leaf beet. It has not an edible root.


Leaf lettuce:

lettuce with loosely curled leaves that do not form a compact head.

– I love green leaf lettuce salads, besides leaf lettuce contains vitamins A and K. 


Grains that start with L

Lentil: round flat seed of the lentil plant used for food.

Lentils are protein packed food, and the best part is that they are very cheap.